5 things bloggers should understand about ad networks

5 things bloggers should understand about ad networks

Editor's note: Michael Ajah, the Legit.ng partner blogger, explains five basic things bloggers should understand about ad networks.

Ajah is a Computer Science student of the University of Port Harcourt. He is the CEO of NaijaTechGuy Inc. He's a researcher, web developer, programmer and ICT expert. Contact Michael via email: luigiajah@gmail.com.

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Ad networks serve as an alternative source of income for most bloggers but there are things bloggers do that may affect their blogging career and may make them to quit along the way. In order to master the use of ad networks, there are basic things that you should know as a blogger.

5 things bloggers should understand about ad networks
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They include:

1. Ad networks should not make you lose readers

Sometimes bloggers who are not approved by Google AdSense become desperate to make money by all means so they resort to other ad networks. In order to get more earnings, they add Ad formats that will affect the readers of the site. Constant pop ups and redirection will definitely make you lose readers. As you lose readers, your traffic reduces and your Alexa rank falls too resulting in low earnings.

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2. Ad networks should not be your main income stream

Your main target should be building up your audience to the point where you start selling your own ad spaces but before that time, you should understand that most top niche blogs make money from different sources - affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc. Affiliate marketing helps a lot depending on your traffic source.

3. Having an ad network on your blog doesn't mean you'll earn a lot of money

If you don't have enough traffic and you get an ad network account like AdSense, it would only make you more frustrated and along the way you quit.

This is because you probably thought that you'll start earning lots of money when the ad network approves you but on the contrary, this is not possible if you don't have enough traffic.

4. Determining the best type of ads for your site and strategic ad placement will definitely boost your income

There are basic hotspots that get more clicks generally. I don't mean placing your ad codes in a way that directly violates the ad networks rules. You can try placing the ads above the fold, in the middle of your posts and on the side bar. AdSense also has a feature that allows you block specific ads from your site so if you're running a tech blog for example you can block categories that aren't related to your niche.

5. Determine the best ad network for your site

In some sites Amazon shopping ads may work better for than AdSense ads and vice versa. The worst ad networks I have seen so far are Adsoptimal and media.net they perform so badly.

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5 things bloggers should understand about ad networks

Therefore, I will like to advise that you should try Google AdSense, PropellerAds and native advertising platforms like Content.ad, Revcontent, Taboola, Mgid and Outbrain and you can make an informed choice as well.

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