How to flush out sperm from the body?

How to flush out sperm from the body?

Barrier ways of contraception are very popular and rather reliably protect both from undesirable pregnancy, and from sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, not all producers make qualitative condoms. It can lead to the fact that condom can tear at the midpoint. What to do in this case and how to flush out sperm from the body?

flush out sperm from the body

How to flush out sperm from the body?

If the condom has torn, then there are two dangers: unplanned pregnancy and possibility of infection with a sexually transmitted disease. And as such cases meet rather often, special emergency measures on mitigation of consequences of the accident are developed.

If the condom has torn and sperm has got into a vagina, then, first of all, it is necessary to think of the degree of danger. It means that the woman has to remember her day of a menstrual cycle. It is known that it is impossible to become pregnant since 2-3 days after an ovulation (ovum exit time from an ovary, which falls in the middle of a menstrual cycle) prior to the beginning of the following periods (time of absolute sterility). In other time, sperm have a chance to get to an ovum. If the accident has happened in dangerous time, then it is necessary to remove sperm from a vagina and the faster the better. For this purpose, it is necessary to take a shower, and then to flush out sperm from the body.

There are many home methods. That’s why many ladies ask: can lime flush out sperm? Slightly acidified solutions will be suitable for removing of sperm better, for example, with lemon juice and vinegar. The sperm moves more slowly in them and dies quicker. Before the procedure, it is necessary to taste the prepared solution: it has to be only slightly sour. The very sour solution can cause a burn of a gentle mucous membrane of female genitals. After that, it is necessary to enter the remedies destroying sperm into a vagina, which is made in the form of creams, foams, candles, and so on. Does this method give an absolute guarantee that the woman won't become pregnant? Of course, no.

Therefore, it is worth continuing the emergency prevention of pregnancy. For this purpose produced special hormonal medicines, which contain a synthetic analog of female sex hormone progesterone suppressing activity of other female sex hormones – estrogen. It interferes the pregnancy. One of these remedies is Postinor. It is better to take one pill of Postinor at once (but it is possible to do it during three days), and the second – in 12 hours. Medicine isn't harmless. It can cause hormonal violations.

Instead of Postinor, it is possible to use also the combined hormonal contraceptives, but the gynecologist should give you the recipe. Within several days after intercourse, it is possible to enter intrauterine remedy into a uterus cavity. It is also done only by a gynecologist.

Each woman has to know accurately that the emergency methods of the prevention of pregnancy shouldn't be used as the constant contraceptive methods. It can lead to severe damage of female genitals.

flush out sperm

How to flush out sperm from the body?

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How to warn sexually transmitted diseases if the condom has been torn?

The rupture of a condom isn't less dangerous in the case when the sexual contact happened to the casual person, and there is no confidence in his health. In that case, it is quite possible to catch the infection. If to make the emergency prevention in the first two hours after sexual contact, then, as a rule, it is possible to prevent the majority of diseases.

If the partner was unreliable, then it is better to address to the center of personal prevention at the skin and STDs clinic. Prevention for women is made with solutions of medicines of salts of mercury, silver, and potassium permanganate. You shouldn't neglect such prevention if there is no confidence in the partner.

A condom is a well-tried remedy, but it is necessary to choose qualitative products to avoid unpleasant situations.

There are also some popular questions about the widespread methods of getting rid of sperm in the organism:

Can water flush out sperm?

It is almost impossible to wash up sperm with water. Therefore, it is necessary to make other procedures, using some substances, which help to make this method more effective.

Can urine flush out sperm?

Flushing out with urine doesn't protect from pregnancy. It sounds strange, but there is such opinion that it is only worth wash the vagina with urine after sexual intercourse, and pregnancy doesn't threaten the woman. Justification of this ridiculous method is unclear.

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How to flush out sperm from the body

How to flush out sperm from the body?

Can salt flush out sperm?

Flushing out with soda or salt is traditionally used for fast reduction of an itch and allocations from genitals. Such structure also has the antiseptic effect. However, such method can't be used for prevention of undesirable pregnancy. It can even give a positive effect on conception and is often used by women who want to get pregnant.

Can alcohol flush out sperm?

Alcohol can destroy the structure of an ovum, bringing it irreparable harm. At the same time, there is no accurately established alcoholic dose, which is capable of ruining an ovum. It is known that alcohol also has the direct impact on sperm. Ethanol has potential to influence abilities of men's gametes, their quality, to damage their functions and a structure. At best, an influence of ethyl alcohol makes sperm just motionless, the ability of conception is lost and it damages them so that the functions assigned to them came down to zero and couldn’t be effective. However, alcohol can't be considered the best remedy to get rid of sperm in the organism. It can damage the microflora and cause an allergy.

Can blood flush out sperm?

It is the very doubtful way. However, some people believe that it really works. But there is no basis to believe that menstrual blood is capable of interrupting the pregnancy. It doesn't contain the substance, which could do it.

Can Ampiclox flush out sperm?

Yes, it can. Ampiclos is almost the same remedy as Postinor, and it is capable of killing sperm if to follow all the instructions.

Can Andrew liver salt flush out sperm

There are also rumors that Andrew liver salt helps to get rid of sperm. However, this is not true at all. Look at what diseases this medicine is applied. There is no basis to claim that it will interrupt the pregnancy. People take it because of lack of information.


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