Fulani youths state that peace would only reign if these 3 conditions are met

Fulani youths state that peace would only reign if these 3 conditions are met

The Fulani youths have decided to take the bull by the horn by speaking on the things that will promote peace, love and harmony in the southern Kaduna region. The violence experienced in he region has become a major point of concern for the locals and people in Nigeria as a whole.

Fulani youths state that peace would only reign if these 3 conditions are met

Fulani youths set conditions for peace to reign in southern Kaduna.

Yusuf Usman Garba, the youth leader of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigerian (MACBAN), has spoken on the need to promote peace while calling the government's attention to things that will reduce the tension and apprehension of people in the state.

Garba made known to the government the conditions that will stimulate cordial relations between the locals in the area. He revealed this at a meeting with the MACBAN pastoral resolve and Mobgal Fulbe development association in Kaduna.

One of the issues that was raised by the youth leader was the inaccessible roads; he mentioned that many of the roads in southern Kaduna were not accessible to the Fulani and other people in the area. Only the locals had access to the roads.

Garba faulted the government over their inability to suspend traditional rulers when illegal road blocks are mounted. He stated that the government is quick to act when street lights are removed in an area.

He stated this and explained more in order for the government to know they are sensitive to the needs of the society and are willing to cooperate. Garba said for peace to reign in the region, 3 conditions have to be met.

Check out the conditions set by the Fulani youth leaders in order for peace to reign:

1. Government must be responsible

The Fulani youths are imploring the government to take disciplinary action against the village heads where illegal road blocks are found.

They agreed to being in support of the peace initiative set up by the government to stop the killings in southern Kaduna.

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2. Reconsideration of the non-admission status of the Fulanis

Garba stated that Fulani are not being given admission into government institutions in the state. He expressed their grievances against the nation and the state in that regards.

College of education, college of nursing, Kaduna Polytechnic and Kaduna State University (KASU) are not offering admission to the Fulanis. He urged the government to work on the reversal of the trend in order for peace to reign in the state.

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3. Construction of infrastructure in Kagarko grazing reserve

The youth leader of the stated Fulani herdsmen asked the government to look into the construction of infrastructure in Kagarko grazing reserve.

The only functional grazing reserve the Fulanis have according to him is the Ladugga grazing reserve. He mentioned that most of the Fulanis affected in the southern Kaduna have chosen Kagarko grazing reserve as their place of safety.

With this development, he charged the government to see to the construction of buildings in order to for peace to reign.

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