Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

common mistakes losing weight

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

Weight Loss is a process that requires patience and time. Not always we are able to lose weight quickly and easily. The reasons why diets do not work are the worst mistakes when losing weight. We have prepared the top 8 most common mistakes losing weight for you!

Top biggest mistakes losing weight

1. Mistakes during weight loss: Fasting

biggest mistake during weight loss

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

Perhaps the mindless hunger is the biggest mistake during weight loss. Most people mistakenly believe that only the refusal of food or food maximum limit will help them to lose weight. These people sit on the rigid diet, consuming not more than 500-700 calories a day. What does it lead to? First, slowing metabolism. One of the tasks of successful weight loss is not only to lose weight but also to disperse a low metabolism. When you have a starvation diet (less than 1200 calories), it slows down the metabolism that cannot contribute to weight loss. Also, starvation diet makes the likelihood of relapse very high, because not everyone can stand such starvation.

2. Mistakes during weight loss: The lack of breakfast

The lack of breakfast

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

Breakfast is one of the main meals, and during the diet, this meal is a must. People who skip breakfast are at risk to get the excellent an appetite for lunch or dinner. In addition, breakfast is needed in the morning to wake up metabolism. Do not worry about the calories eaten at breakfast, till dinner they will be burnt. Always eat breakfast! If you have ever missed this meal, try to make sure that breakfast becomes a habit. Do not limit the number of products for breakfast to a minimum. During this meal, you can treat yourself with a sweet or chocolate. Eat it better in the morning than at night.

3. Mistakes during weight loss: The abuse of low-fat food

abuse of low-fat food

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

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And here is another very common mistake of weight loss plans - rejection of fat. Our TV screens have every day broadcast on the benefits of low-fat products, which without a doubt, will help you to lose weight. People are buying low-fat cheese and yogurt, not knowing that this way they only harm their health.

The fact is that low-fat foods contain high amounts of trans fats, which are not absorbed by the body, but it tends to accumulate them. It leads to disruption of metabolism process and, as a consequence, to excess weight. In addition, eliminating fats from your diet, you begin to lean on carbohydrates and that promotes rapid weight gain.

4. Mistakes during losing weight: Irregular meals

Irregular meals

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

One of the major mistakes during the diet is irregular ‘power supply’. Some people not only ignore breakfast but also refuse to eat lunch and dinner. Irregular meals are dangerous because in the absence of full reception of food you are likely going to try to drown out your hunger using different snacks, which, at first glance, seem quite harmless. However, if you calculate the eaten calories during snacks, you will be surprised detecting that with the same success you can fully enjoy lunch or dinner. Do not throw out dinner from your diet, it is also slowing metabolism. Better to dine easily and without any frills.

5. Mistakes during weight loss: The abuse of fruits and juices

abuse of fruits and juices

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

Abandoning harmful and fatty foods, dieters are trying to diversify the diet with plenty of fruits and juices. How to become fit whether there is a large amount of fruit and juice in the framework of the diet? Most fruits contain large amounts of fructose, which your body turns into sugar and sets aside in the form of fat reserves. Especially dangerous ones (in this respect) are fruits with high glycemic index, such as bananas and grapes. You should eat a lot of peaches and pears too. Is there any fruit that can be eaten in any amount? No, this is nothing more than a myth. The same applies to fruit juices that contain a lot of sugar. Fruit juices cannot satisfy your hunger, but your body will receive a large amount of sugar and calories.

6. Mistakes during weight loss: Express-diet

Express diet

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

One of the most common diet mistakes is the abuse of express diets. What is the express diet? This diet is created for the small amount of time to help lose a few kilos in emergency situations. Express diet is usually unbalanced and is often based on eating a standard set of products for everyday use.

Such a diet does not give the body the necessary nutrients, and therefore it should not be used more than once a month. Long ‘sitting’ on a diet will not only lead to health problems, but also to the effect of the plateau. Your body, adapting to ‘a dangerous diet’, begins to accumulate fat in reserve.

7. Mistakes during weight loss: Low physical activity

Low physical activity

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

Is it possible to lose weight without sports? Of course, this is possible, but with sports, fat burns much faster and the effect of permanently is entrenched. In addition, sports help accelerate metabolism, strengthen the muscles and keep the tone of your skin.

8. Mistakes during weight loss: Water balance

Water balance

Top 8 most common mistakes you make losing weight

It is known that metabolism occurs in an aqueous environment and, therefore, if you want to lose weight drinking water. Adhering to a diet, you must be sure to drink enough water. A lot of people believe that by limiting the amount of water they quickly get the desired number on the scale. Alas, it is just self-deception, because your body will get rid of the water, not fat. Do not limit drinking and drink about two liters of water a day.

We hope that our readers will not repeat the most common mistakes when losing weight! Lose Weight correctly!

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