Man dumps fiance a day to the wedding

Man dumps fiance a day to the wedding

A man in Anambra reportedly cancelled his wedding and broke off his engagement a day before the ceremony after he found out his wife-to-be was unfaithful to him. 

Izuchukwu Ekewanua was to get married to his bride, Uchechukwu Obi on the 27th of December but he shared a post saying the wedding was cancelled.

Wedding cancelled

The wedding invitation for the ceremony which was supposed to take place on December 27

The traditional and white wedding which was also supposed to take place at Nnewi in Anambra will also no longer be taking place.

Wedding cancelled

The groom shared a vague Facebook post announcing the cancellation of the wedding

Izuchukwu made an announcement on Facebook to let everyone know of this update.

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Both bride and groom made the Facebook announcement although they were both very vague with their reasons but some comments underneath the woman’s posts told a different and more revealing story.

Wedding cancelled

The bride also posted a similar message, however, the comments underneath hers were more revealing

Wedding cancelled

A poster commented underneath the bride’s message, expressing her sadness at the unfortunate development

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A man claiming to be the cousin of the bride ended up spilling the beans by revealing that she was unfaithful.

Wedding cancelled

A cousin of the bride responded in the comment section. His words implied that the bride was unfaithful despite being engaged to another man

In his response, the cousin, James Nnamdi Henry said, “If you know that your due to get married would you go and date another guy?

Several months ago, an American bride took things to the extreme after she destroyed her wedding dress because her groom-to-be cancelled the wedding at the last minute.


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