Buhari @ 75: 6 adorable things you will always find the president doing

Buhari @ 75: 6 adorable things you will always find the president doing

Happy birthday to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari who was born on this day 75 years ago.

We all have that one thing we are always going to need and cannot do without, from our phones to fashion items.

Just like every other person, President Buhari has things that he cannot do without.

To celebrate his birthday, Legit.ng brings you 6 things Buhari cannot do without.

1. His signature glasses

6 things Buhari can't do without

Crafted only for stylish men

The president is a man of class and those his horn rimmed geeky glasses by the American fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger are to die for. On rare occasions, he has been spotted without those classy glasses of his and he still looked handsome as ever.

2. His diary

Things Buhari can't do without

Buhari and his diary are like 5 and 6 Source: Aso Rock Villa

There is this blue-coloured diary that accompanies the president wherever he goes. It seems to be one of his essential accessories. What is in Buhari’s blue dairy?

3. Newspapers

Things Buhari can't do without

The president likes to stay updated Source: Twitter: Presidency

The president cannot do without reading newspapers. He has to stay updated on what the media is saying. Several photos show the president going through some Nigerian dailies.

4. His cap

Things Buhari can't do without

Buhari is a stylish man Source: Twitter Presidency

Buhari loves to accessorize his traditional attires with his stylish caps. It is very rare to see him without his caps which come in different colours. His cap, especially the northern one has become a trend among Nigerians.

5. Gadgets

Things Buhari can't do without

Buhari keeping up with the trend Source:Twitter Bayo Omoboriowo

The president does not want to be left out in the technology trend. Just because he is old does not mean he has lost touch with reality. He has a number of apple products which he does not fail to flaunt.

6. Wristwatch

Things Buhari can't do without

Buhari in official mood and meeting with foreign officials Source: Twitter The Presidency

Buhari is a man who prefers to wear modest-looking wristwatches. His elegant black leather strap wristwatch is rarely seen as it is often tucked under his long sleeve kaftan.

Legit.ng had earlier reported that former President Goodluck Jonathan congratulated the president on his 75th birthday calling him a rare statesman

Buhari's 2019 posters have flooded the streets of Abuja on Legit.ng TV

Source: Legit.ng

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