Meet 11 ugliest people in the world

Meet 11 ugliest people in the world

The amazing thing is that people deliberately wish to change their appearance, apparently proceeding from the desire not to be like others. They give lots of money to disfigure their face and then just to be happy.

Cat man
Ugliest people in the world

We present to your attention our selection of the most "beautiful" people in the world.

An amazing man opens our rating. So, this is not because the man is dressed as a cheetah. And, of course, he is not a cheetah. He is a 67-year-old Tom Leppard, who has covered 99% of his body with bizarre tattoos, resembling the pattern of a skin of a Cheetah. He lives on the Isle of Skye, imitating his favorite animal movement on his fours. Despite his presence in the list, compared with the following people, the man looks pretty well...

leopard man
Ugliest people in the world

The next person in our list is Etienne Dumont, a literary critic from Geneva, who wishes to paint himself with tattoos from head to toe. The photo of a scary man-bull scares.

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Silicone implants under the skin, makes him look like a young bull, five-centimeter ring in the ear tunnels and pinned glasses complete the image of a man coming as if from the worst horror. Well, the purpose of his life apparently is executed...

tattoo man
Ugliest people in the world

The next place is occupied by a "Zombie boy", who is already quite popular due to his unusual appearance and image. Walking down the street, Rick Genest surely hears the frightened cries of passersby.

Zombie-boy put a lot of effort to get into the list of the ugliest men in the world. This is not surprising: on the tattooed face he has fake teeth like skeleton and a black nose, as if smeared with oil, and, of course, a ring in his nose, which makes the guy even more formidable. It would be vain to hope that Rick is an optimist, if to recall the picture which he sees in the mirror every morning...

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skull man
Ugliest people in the world

Julia Gnuse has become the most tattooed woman in the world and this is not due to her desire. Congenital skin disease Porphyria drove her for 10 years to cover systematically her body with new tattoos. But these drawings allowed Julia to become a world-famous woman-illustration and she is compared with the painted pottery due to some similarities.

tattoo woman
Ugliest people in the world

Another woman in our list of the ugliest people in the world is a Brazilian Elaine Davidson. She can boast a number of scrap-metal on her face because she is wearing at least 3 kilos of body piercing on daily basis. 2500 tattoos are the complement to her unusual appearance.

The lover of metal rings now lives in Edinburgh, feared that at home she will not have a very sweet life. The question of the greatest interest is about: how she sleeps with all this magnificence? She must be asleep, otherwise, she would have had to remove and pull rings, cloves and balls all the night...

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piercing woman
Ugliest people in the world

On the 5th place is Kala Kaiwi. This man has covered his body with tattoos by as much as 75%. But apparently it seems to him a little and he decided to make bifurcated snake tongue, to grow silicon hillocks on the forehead, reminiscent the cones and attach to the head metal horns. As many people suppose he has feelings and some manners of Satan.

Kala Kawai is deservedly included in the top ten of the scariest people on the planet. However, there is a quite prosaic motive: he decided to become a living advertisement for his own tattoo Studio in Hawaii.

man with horns
Ugliest people in the world

Pauly Unstoppable seems to be quite a nice guy, if not for the tattooed face, the through-hole on the nose, cleverly covered by a huge ring (the boy sometimes entertains friends, pushing scissors through these holes) and huge tunnels in his ears.

One of the ugliest people on the planet and the most terrible thing what can be said about his appearance is that he has his tongue divided into three parts. You probably will have no desire to imagine this even in your wildest fantasies.

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Despite the sophisticated appearance, Pauly looks like cheerful person with a modest smile, hiding behind his lips "flavor" of his appearance.

ugly man
Ugliest people in the world

The top three is opened by Eric Sprague the first person in the world who made snake tongue, cutting his tip in a half, and day after day, stretching out the halves so that they are not fused.

Terrible man-lizard, judging from the appearance, can be called so: almost all of his body is painted with tattoos of green colour, and the silicon edged teeth give him the true nature of lizards.

green man-lizard
Ugliest people in the world

The next guy by the nickname Lucky Diamond Rich is considered to be the most tattooed man in the world: the drawings embellished even his gums and ears. How much pain he had to experience waiting for a full cover of the body with tattoos? The answer is for more than 1000 hours!

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He is almost the ugliest man on the planet. Less patience it took for hundreds of artists, whose hands had created this masterpiece. And everything is not in vain: in 2006, man-tattoo was ahead of Tom Leppard because he had greater area of painted body. The title of one of the ugliest people on the planet complements the ability to swallow swords.

man covered with tattoos
Ugliest people in the world

The Most terrible man by the will of fate

In the world there is another person who is different from all the above. The fact is that he has become "known" but this was without his desire. A retired police officer Jason Schechterle, while being at the service, survived a great tragedy. In 2001, he received burns of the fourth degree. It happened while patrolling his area.

A taxi crashed in the car of the guard. The blow was so strong that both cars broke out like a match. Unfortunately for Jason he could not get out of the car. Therefore, he received severe burns. And when he was taken to the hospital, the doctors had to literally remove his face. This fact, in a few years, allowed the newspaper Weekly World News to bring the officer Jason Schechterle in a list of the ugliest people in the world.

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Jason Schechterle the ugliest person by the will of fate has appeared in the Print edition where a photo of the person was published, where he hugs the spouse. The man who shot the couple received several awards. But Schechterle immediately sued the newspaper in court. Naturally, he won.

And now the Corporation, which owns publishing house, pays a considerable amount of money to support the victims of burns. The exact amount of the payment is unknown, but the press called it "substantial."

In addition, the judges were obliged to deprive employees of the newspaper, who made it possible to get the picture in the print. And here, it is worth noting that the publication of Weekly World News, which has been on trial, is perhaps the most popular "yellow" newspaper in America.

It is worth noting the unique fact of devotion for a husband, in spite of the terrible changes in appearance of the spouse of a retired officer, the wife didn’t refuse from her husband. After the tragedy, she supported him as she could. Most likely, thankfully to the faith and love Jason survived a terrible accident and returned to more or less normal life.

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The ugliest person in the world

His name was Dennis Avner. But the biggest popularity came to him by the nicknames: cat, Man-tiger or CatMan. By the way, the appearance of Dennis changed so much not because he wished an original way to stand out from the crowd or to hide some defects. From childhood the man was attracted by the image of the tiger, it is not surprising that being an adult, he decided not only to be spiritually similar in this way, but also physically.

Today Dennis’ body flaunts a huge number of tattooed stripes which resemble a tiger. In total there are more than a hundred. Moreover, teeth of the ugliest person are specially sharpened to have a resemblance to cat.

We can say that Dennis in the area of his mouth nothing human has left. The upper lip is surgically forked, and to change the shape of the face of the man he needed to place implants in the forehead and on the eyebrows. Man-tiger also made the correction of the hairline. And to heighten the similarities regularly builds up his nails.

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ugliest person in the world
Ugliest people in the world

Dennis Avner is the ugliest man in the world. He even made on his face something similar to cat whiskers. Namely, the man inserted small metal rods around the mouth which were remote, but still resembled a mustache. Of course, Cat Man didn't forget to insert contact lenses. They helped Avner to have greater resemblance to a tiger.

It should be noted that during many years of reincarnation the ugliest person in the world has been injected in different parts of the face. By the way, drastic alterations in appearance Dennis started doing in the 80-ies of the last century. And exactly how much money he put into changing of his face is unknown. Even it was difficult for the ugliest man in the world to say because he got lost in the calculations. Anyway, the amount of money still turns out great. Perhaps this amount can only be compared with the cost of operations which are made for women, although not everything turns out successful.

Important information is that before the transformation for a tiger Dennis Avner worked for the Navy. Over the years he left the profession and became a real celebrity. Cat Man was interviewed and regularly invited to various talk shows. Dennis lived in a town called Tonop. Here he was known almost by everyone. It should be added that due to his long-term habit, "tiger" approached his animal ideal. Avner spent quite a lot of time in the trees. Moreover, he didn’t mind to eat fresh raw meat.

Dennis Avner had a good enough reason to change himself. The young man came from the tribe of the Hurons, and also of the Indian people of Dakota. And they have a totem animal is a tiger. Once one of the great shaman told to Dennis, "Follow the tigers way". And the man literally embraced this admonition and began pursue seriously the transformation of his body.

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