How to lucid dream?

How to lucid dream?

Every person spends about a third of its life for sleep. Can you imagine that by the time you are 75, you will have already slept for 25 years? It is hard to believe in it, but it is true. That is why it is critical to sleep consciously. Do you want to add these 25 years to your 75? Everyone does. There is a way to return at least a half of them because people can learn to sleep consciously.

How to lucid dream?

What do scientists say?

How to lucid dream?

Scientists often call deep sleep to be unconsciousness. It is the time when people see neither separate objects nor have direct thoughts, as in everyday life. According to Philosophy of Mind professor at the University of British Columbia, Evan Thompson, there is a complicated conscious activity occurring throughout the night in all stages of sleep, counting deep sleep. He also informed that consciousness during deep sleep did not look like daily consciousness. However, there is still some conscious awareness. Thompson also emphasized that it might resemble a sense of being asleep united with some sense of the passage of time.

Advantages of conscious sleep

How to lucid dream?

During conscious sleep a person does contact with insensible aspects of own mind, bringing them into consciousness. These are different hopes, fears, desires, aspirations, hates, desires, etc. Scientists proved that conscious sleep does have many benefits. Thus, during conscious sleep you can:

☛  Study objectivity;

☛  Experience enlarged creativity allowing you exercising your imagination;

☛  Practice emotional healing;

☛  Totally relax and breathe rhythmically;

☛  Quickly explore new worlds;

☛  Conscious sleep also rearranges the subjects of your awareness allowing you experiencing the deepest sides of the own mind.

Who can learn conscious sleep?

How to lucid dream?

Everyone. The skill to sleep consciously is inborn. There are cases that some people can keep consciousness all day round during the most of their lives. In most cases, the retention of consciousness into the sleep status is irregular. However, you just need to practice much to master the process of entering sleep consciously.

Everyday practices

How to lucid dream?

How can you sleep consciously without everyday practice? It is impossible because everything needs practice. Try to stop sporadically during your day and think about your momentary feelings. Think about what you can perceive now. Always give your personal explanation to what you experience.

When you finally learn how to take the self-created aspects of your mind, you will start building a certain detachment. It will show you the way to both enlarged consciousness during sleep, and skills in dealing with what you meet while sleeping.

Certain everyday practices will allow you increasing your chances to start sleeping consciously:

◉ Never go to bed being tired. Ancient Indian philosophy states that overtiredness prevents conscious sleep. Be exhausted, but not worn-out when you wish to start sleeping.

How to lucid dream?

◉ Learn to meditate. Meditation will always help you, regardless what your goal is. It encourages centering, grounding, and clarity that are hugely helpful in understanding how to sleep consciously. Practitioners of yoga recommend that you perform meditation at least some hours before falling asleep.

◉ Find some techniques of rhythmic breathing and practice them regularly. They will make your sleep more conscious. Try to breathe consistently and gradually. This process will undoubtedly relax both your mind and body. Thus, when you are relaxed, you will sleep consciously.

How to lucid dream?

◉ Eating always takes energy. Thus, try not to eat much before going to bed. Just a few meal in your stomach before going to bed prevents nausea that often escorts profound relaxation.

◉ Never use alcohol or narcotics before going to sleep. These drugs always interfere with typical sleep patterns.

How to lucid dream?

◉ Try to sidestep disturbance. Do your best to lessen distractions during your ordinary day. It will be a perfect encouragement to remain conscious when you go to sleep. It is even more vital than various time for bed approaches. Because when you try to close your eyes, you will not have to worry about money, health, children, work, car, wife, or other things, which you face during your typical day. Just remember: All the thoughts you take to bed will always affect your sleep, making it harder to have an ideal relaxation.

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◉ Use a suitable pose. According to the prominent Tibetan dream practice, your sleep pose is vital. This practice recommends that you should lay on your favorite side. However, it is never recommended to lay on the stomach.

How to lucid dream?

◉ Always plan to remain conscious.

◉ Your accidental desire to sleep consciously is impractical. You always must have an ongoing desire to do so. Think about this desire occasionally during the day. You may also make use of affirmation to focus. Just repeat it for five times when you plan to sleep. It should be a kind of a prayer for you.

◉ When dreaming, try to look at your hands and concentrate on them. Repeat this exercise several times util you feel that it becomes easy for you.

How to lucid dream?

◉ Then try to shift your glance to the things that surround you and capture their forms and shapes. Than switch your attention back to your hands. And then repeat it again and again.

◉ The more details you are able to capture, the more control over your dream you obtain. Go for it!

How to lucid dream?

Going to sleep consciously is not an easy procedure. Nevertheless, it is a very useful habit. This process has many benefits for both your moral and physical condition. Rhythmic breathing, suitable pose, meditation and conscious relaxation support each other, progressively sending the body to sleep while staying consciousness.

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