Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

It is every woman’s dream to have a long healthy hair. However, given the environment, we live in, and the ecology, not all of us are that lucky to have thick and healthy hair without putting too much effort into it.

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

Yet, this problem can still be solved by eating enough vitamins that will stimulate the hair and nails growth. What are these vitamins and in which foods can one find them? Here is a list of instructions about this and products you can find these vitamins in.

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

Before we proceed to a list of vitamins, let us mention one more thing: vitamins are not always everything it takes to have healthy hair and nails. The way our hair grows is determined by the genes we got from our parents. Therefore, there is a reality you need to be familiar with: you cannot change the genetics. So, taking more vitamins and eating the exceeding volume of healthy foods is not the answer. Everything in moderation will keep it healthy, and this is your ultimate goal.

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

Now, let’s see what will make your hair thicker and nails stronger in no time.

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You are what you eat

The first thing scholars say to pay attention to is what we eat. Our diet determines whether or not our skin, hair, and nails will be strong and healthy. “You are what you eat,” applies here perfectly. Therefore, making sure that you eat healthy food and opt for vegetables and fruit instead of junk or ready-to-eat foods will increase your chances of having thick hair.

Official authorities state that healthy diet one should stick to when growing healthy hair is as follows:

- Eating a rainbow

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

Having different vegetable everyday will increase your chances of getting all kinds of vitamins and minerals you need. Opt for variety and try out new things. Some professionals say that a simple way to remember this is through using a rainbow rule: try to eat vegetables of different colors on a daily basis.

For instance, you can make the light salad using tomatoes, cucumbers, lattice, and carrots. Then later you can make a stir-fry with zucchini, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and corn. By taking vegetables of all colors and adding them to your daily diet, you will build up your immune system, protect your body from developing medical conditions, and store up vitamins essential for hair and nail health.

- Eat fruit and vegetable as a snack

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

Opt for this kind of snack instead of processed one you can buy at every corner. Scholars recommend having fruit and vegetables at least five times a day.

- Eat more dairy products

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

It is not a secret that dairy products are very healthy, and one should add them to his/her daily ration. However, choose the ones that do not have too much fat in them.

- Say NO to greasy foods and sugar!

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

Avoid having too much fat or sugar. Apart from all the other known consequences of overusing them, they are also known to slow down the growth of hair and nails.

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Once you start eating healthy, you will get to see significant improvement. However, this is not it. You should also consume foods that have vitamins B and B-complex. Remember about the biotin, antioxidant, and fatty acids. Now let’s talk about each of them in detail.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is extremely important for your health. Not only it prevents depression, fatigue, weight loss, and memory problems, but also prevents dandruff and stimulates hair growth. One need to eat at least 100 grams of raw carrots, beets, or beans a day. Scholars also recommend consuming soy products, cereals, and shellfish to your daily diet. This combined with the B12 that is released by our bodies will make it enough for you for one day.

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

The another vitamin we mentioned above is B-complex one. To get these vitamins, you will have to combine different types of foods in your ration. Start with having a yogurt or milk in the morning. Eat cheese, eggs, fish, chicken, and leafy vegetables. On top of that, make sure to eat peanuts, pasta, and legumes from time to time to receive the proper amount of the vitamins for hair growth and thickness.

Remember to cook potatoes, seafood, and liver to make up for the lack of B vitamin, as it is not right or healthy for you at all.


Among the antioxidants you should consider eating regularly are grapes, the full range of nuts, and a rainbow of vegetables with a special focus on orange, and dark green ones. Don’t forget to get some red berries like strawberry or raspberry for the same purpose.

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

As a part of your attempt get more antioxidants into your body, you should also think of shifting your preferences to whole-grain products. Not only will you prevent heart diseases, but also see an incredible effect these foods have on your hair growth. Try to eat more fish and beans to be able to provide all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.


Finally, biotin is what will keep your nails healthy and strong. The biggest amount of biotin is in soybeans, peanuts, liver, milk powder, green dried peas, pork, onions, cabbage, eggs, sardines, mushrooms, and salmon.

Top 3 vitamins for hair and nails growing

By adding these foods to your daily ration, you will improve the general condition of the immune system. And it is known that the condition of your hair, skin, and nails is just a reflection of your general health state. Therefore, to grow a thicker hair you should start working on improving your health in general. Find the flaws and try to fix them, and that is you secret to having healthy hair and strong nails.


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