Kaduna:Disguised Fulani herdsmen kill 85-yr-old man, 6 others

Kaduna:Disguised Fulani herdsmen kill 85-yr-old man, 6 others

- Herdsmen disguised as military attacked Passakori, Mile One, Ungwan Misisi and Tudun Wada of Kaninkon chiefdom in Jema’a local government in Kaduna

- The attacks was said to have occurred on the night of Thursday, October 27 and seven people were killed, including a traditional ruler

Kaduna:Disguised Fulani herdsmen kill 85-yr-old man, 6 others

Fulani herdsmen dressed like military kill seven people

Fulani herdsmen who were disguised as Army officers late on Thursday, October 28 killed about 7 people in different communities in Kaduna state.

Leadership reports that the herdsmen, wearing military fatigues, carried out the attacks in Passakori, Mile One, Ungwan Misisi and Tudun Wada of Kaninkon chiefdom in Jema’a local government, killing an 85-year-old traditional ruler and six others.

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“On this day, 27th October, 2016 a group of men in army uniforms came to Ungwar Misisi Village and called the Village Head, Mr. John Zogo and the elders of the village for what they claimed to be security briefing on the situation in the area.

“As soon as the soldiers came and started discussing with the Village Head and the elders, our people heard gun shots in the outskirts of the village and these same soldiers then shot and killed the Village Head and some others in the house of the Village Head and fled,” Leadership quoted an eyewitness as saying.

The National Caretaker Chairman of the Koninkon nationality Waje Goska Williams said the attackers fled immediately after killing the traditional ruler.

The whole village was burnt down and those who managed to escape are now internally displaced persons.

“Those that were killed in the attacks are John Zogo – 85 years (The Village Head),  Yakubu Abuja (80), Adamu Bulus – 30 years Majhe Audu – 50 years, Karu Amos – 42 years, Confidence Kibadu – 29 years and Kurma Amos – 44 years,” he said.

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He recalled that “this attack is clearly preplanned and there seems to be a clear conspiracy on the party of the Government and Security agents to look the other way while the killings and destructions are going on. It is clearly a plan of genocide against the Kaninkon people. We have no defence even from the Federal and Kaduna State Governments who have made security a top priority on its agenda.”

He added: “We, the entire Kaninkon people in Kaninkon Chiefdom, are under unprovoked and sustained attacks by the people who are not known but who are working closely with the local Fulani people that we have lived with for many years.

“The motive of the attacks is clearly unknown but we can see that it is a genocidal mission. We are particularly worried because there seems to be a conspiracy of silence and complacency on the part of the Security Agencies and the Kaduna State and Federal Governments on the plight of our people.

“While these attacks are going on, we do not observe the presence of security men in the area giving protection to our people since we are not at war with anybody.

“The weapons of death used by the assailants are so sophisticated that we suspect these people to be Boko Haram that are on mission to clear our people. The professionalism employed by the attackers is such that only trained people who have the backing and aid of some people in Government and the security forces.

“Kaninkon Chiefdom is one of the ethnic groups in Southern Kaduna and the entire northern Nigeria that was not conquered by the Fulani Jihad of the early Nineteenth century. These attacks are clearly an attempt at achieving what they did not achieve by the Jihad.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian military has warned Fulani herdsmen that they are next on the agenda following the sound defeat of the Boko Haram insurgents.

Spokesman of the Defense headquarters made this revelation on Friday also in Kaduna, noting that the military has begun putting plans in place to ensure that the herdsmen's menace is ended.

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