Natural remedies that will heal your child from cough

Natural remedies that will heal your child from cough

Having to see a little child suffering from a sickness is something that will break the hearts of many people. The fact that they are small and helpless makes them suffer the more because they may not be able to tell you exactly how they feel. 

Many children had died because of one ailment or the other. It is terrible having to witness the death of a child. It is a heartbreaking incident that will leave the parents and other family members depressed for years.

It is important for you to look after your children in order to prevent them from falling sick or contracting contagious diseases that will affect their health. There are some sicknesses that may not be seen as life threatening even though they inflict a lot of pain on the kids.

A coughing child will have trouble sleeping in addition to having chest pain. With the viral contamination that can put many children at risk of catching infections, it is important for parents to protect their kids.

The respiratory tract suffers the most when a child has cough. Adults are prone to coughs too but one can never compare the immune system of a child with that of a full grown man. You will discover the natural remedy that will prevent your child from suffering from cough here.

Cough is usually accompanied with nasal congestion, fever and runny rose. Some complain of stomach upset as well as pains in the rib.

See some of the natural remedies you can give your child if you want to get rid of cough:

1. Honey

Natural remedies that will heal your child from cough

This natural remedy is as old as man itself. It has been discovered to be more effective than medicines sold over the counter that contains cough suppressant.

In using honey as a natural remedy for a coughing child, you need to combine it with other things. Two teaspoon of honey should be mixed with warm water and lemon. In the absence of lemon, honey can be administered to a coughing child.

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2. Pineapple

Natural remedies that will heal your child from cough

This will sound strange to a lot of people but it is an effective remedy for treating cough. Pineapples have an enzyme found in the stem and fruit called bromelain. This enzyme helps in loosening the mucus in the throat when coughing.

Taking a slice of pineapple or drinking a glass of fresh pineapple juice thrice a day will make you enjoy the benefits of bromelain. It also helps relieve sinusitis and issues that contribute to coughs and mucus.

As effective as this remedy is, children or adults who are taking blood thinners should not use bromelain supplements. Bromelain should not be used by those who are already on antibiotics as it can increase the absorption of the antibiotic.

3. Thyme

Natural remedies that will heal your child from cough

Another natural remedy you can use to treat cough is thyme. Crushed thyme leaves and a cup of boiling water can be used to treat cough. This mixture has to be covered for a while before sieving to drink.

Thyme leaves contain flavonoids that can relax the muscles of the throat. It also works by reducing inflammation.

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4. Salt-water gargle

Natural remedies that will heal your child from cough

This is a simple remedy that can be used to treat cough. Many people complain of sore throats while coughing; half a teaspoon of salt and eight ounces of warm water will help reduce the irritation caused from itching throats.

This remedy may not be effective for children under six years of age as they may not be able to gargle.

Watch the video below to see the home remedies you can use to treat cough:


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