Meet Caleb Femi, London's first young people's Laureate

Meet Caleb Femi, London's first young people's Laureate

There are millions of talented people in the world. People who are not only skilled but have made a great landmark in their chosen fields.

Meet Caleb Femi, London's first young people's Laureate

It is essential for us to give the remarkable people of our time the recognition they deserve as they have done something worthwhile with their time and resources. There are lots of beautiful souls in virtually every sector; we have those who are skilled in arts, music, science and even technology.

In this era and time where youths are not interested in doing things that will stress them, finding brilliant people is something that should be relished. After all, they are the people sustaining good traits and culture in the society.

Caleb Femi is a wonderful 26-year-old that has put Nigeria on the spotlight. He is a fine man who is capable of stringing words together in an impressive way. This made him get the award 'Young People's laureate for London 2016-2017.'

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Femi went through a nomination process that was chaired by the big shots in Arts and literature. His work was looked at the same work other people's works were being checked.

Poets like Joelle Taylor and Pascale Petit felt the young Laureate deserves the award in every way as his work is seen to have depth. According to them, Femi is a passionate writer who is filled with lots of energy when it comes to putting words together. The vivacity and powerful images used in his poetry made a lasting impression on these people.

There is no doubt the young people in our society will be inspired and motivated by this young man who has broken a record. He has given Nigerians a reason to work harder as they go about their normal businesses.

Femi is a poet cum filmmaker from Peckham in South London who first got into poetry through grime, a genre of music that emerged from London in the early 2000s. His poetry, photography and documentary films have made him popular.

Caleb Femi felt honoured and excited to be named the first young people's laureate for London. He is charging youths to be dedicated and focus on their dreams as it is possible to achieve anything.

He has plans to transform issues that are relevant for black boys and girls into poetry. As the 2016-2017 laureate, he is to develop and encourage writing skills among young people. He is expected to develop a range of poetry opportunities in order to achieve his objectives during the year-long residency.

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Watch Caleb Femi performing one of his works:

Femi will lead 'The young people's poetry prize' and 'the young people's poetry lab'. These will make him work with poetry mentors and practitioners. Nigeria is proud of this young Laureate, Yoruba land is proud to have a good representative over there.

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